• Azco


    massive gentle barb scarred from years of torture
  • Bluespark Flintsteel

    Bluespark Flintsteel

    A hero known amongst his dwarven bretheren for his key tactical decisions which were considered the deciding factor in victory and wild risks he made while taking back Bogragard Citadel
  • Folni "The Pig" Boddywick

    Folni "The Pig" Boddywick

    Extremely small even by gnome standards Folni made up for this by rising to power by murdering and manipulating his way to the top of the Order of [ ]
  • Posessed Item

    Posessed Item

    This item is posessed by the spirit of a demon that will randomly materialize
  • The Whip

    The Whip

    Only known by his slave master name "The Whip", This malicious (small race gnome, halfling etc) little bastard enjoys tormenting his idiot slave Azco.